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Aviation NZ Weekly Newsletters


22 October

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has impacted us all.  No comment on the political announcements today.
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16 October

Another article this week (this Time Tony Garner in NBR) estimated that the Auckland lockdown is costing the country $1billion a week. read more

8 October

There's a bit in the media now about a COVID vaccine card, or cards read more

1 October

Intro by new President Kevin England
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24 September

Talking to President Lloyd Matheson a few days ago, I vented frustration at dealing with a particular Government agency.
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17 September

There is a bit happening globally but today, we'll focus on the UK and Ireland because there are things happening there that have implications for us. read more

10 September

You may have heard comments Capt David Morgan, Air New Zealand, made in an online conference this week read more

3 September

At a Council meeting yesterday, we reluctantly agreed to postpone the conference until August next year. read more

27 August

There is a frustratingly significant amount of conversation about what will happen to alert levels this afternoon read more

20 August

13 August

Who consults, who engages, who listens? read more

6 August

It has been a fascinating week watching the successes at the Olympics, probably with a few too many late nights! read more

30 July

The Milford Opportunities Project stage 2, which is all about the future of Milford Piopiotahi, was launched to the public in Te Anau on Wednesday.  It had been approved by Ministers in May and Cabinet in June. read more

23 July

Another week in Wellington and more requests to comment on discussion documents and even a questionnaire asking 'how well did we do' with our consultation.  read more

16 July

Two weeks ago, we commented on a number of new aircraft orders and some new staffing requirements that had been announced around the world over a seven day period. read more

9 July

Over the last two newsletters, we've included an item on Business NZ read more

2 July

The on again/off again nature of the Trans Tasman bubble read more

25 June

We've been commenting a bit on wellbeing and resilience recently.  Part of wellbeing is reconising what we are good at and celebrating success. read more

18 June

Last week, we talked about 'wellbeing' and the importance of global connectedness to broaden thinking and improve welfare, be it at the personal, community, business or national levels. read more

11 June

'Wellbeing,' be it mental, emotional, physical or financial; whether it applies to individuals, employees, the workplace, businesses, or communities; and whether it is sustainable, gets a lot of emphasis and publicity at the moment.  read more

4 June

We've all seen images and heard about the devastating effects of the floods in Canterbury over the last week.
There have been many comments from those affected that have impacted on us.  To quote a few of them: read more

28 May

Some interesting projections this week from IATA about post-Covid-19 passenger demand recovery, which should have some impact on us in New Zealand. read more

21 May

This is early warning that we're in the advanced stages of organising an Aviation Conference read more

14 May

You probably see many articles and opinions on what businesses should be doing post Covid or as part of their recovery strategies read more

7 May

There is considerable publicity at the moment following the announcement of a public sector wage freeze for three years, by Ministers Hipkins and Robertson.  read more

30 April

This week, we're delighted to announce the NZ Helicopter Association Helicopter Safety Initiative is up and running with the release of Notice 1 read more

23 April

We'll have all seen headlines over the last 48 hours: read more

16 April

Many of you will be thinking of HRH Prince Philip as the world mourns his passing.

Many of you may not appreciate the extent of his relationship with the Aviation Industry Association of New Zealand (AIA) read more

9 April

At least we now know that we are joining the Australian dance.  A step in the right direction!
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1 April

Great this week to have meetings of all the divisions in Wellington (except UAVNZ which was by Zoom) and the Council. read more

26 March

The challenge the aviation tourism industry in particular is facing was brought home yet again this week read more

19 March

Information about the trans-tasman bubble
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12 March

Guest writer this week: Louisa Patterson of Over The Top & Eye In the Sky
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5 March

To me, three significant things have happened since Monday. read more

26 February

Climate Change Commission, 2021 Draft Advice for Consultation.  Bill MacGregor referred to this a couple of weeks ago read more

19 February

CEO John Nicholson is back and Mark Crouch gives an update on Pacific Aerospace
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12 February

Guest Writer: President Lloyd Matheson
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5 February

Guest Writer Bill MacGregor shares his thoughts on the publication by the Climate Change Commission
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29 January

The Climate Change Commission is releasing its first draft report for consultation on 1 February (closes 14 March) read more


22 January

The first newsletter of the year
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23 December

The final newsletter for the year
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18 December

The second to last newsletter for the year.
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11 December

This week, we had face to face meetings in Wellington of the NZAAA and NZHA Executive Committees, AEANZ (Engineering and Supply) and the Council.  read more

4 December 

Given the Whakaari White Island eruption on 9 December 2019, the need for a Worksafe decision on intended actions within 12 months was always going to herald the Christmas Grinch in 2020. read more

27 November

As members will know, Aviation NZ is a 30% shareholder in Aspeq.  The Aviation Federation holds the other 70%.  Aspeq held its AGM yesterday. read more

20 November

 Keith Manch is the new director of CAA and will take up his position in February next year. 
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13 November

On 13 November 1971, the US spacecraft Mariner 9 became the first man made vehicle to orbit another planet, Mars. 
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6 November

So now we know that Michael Wood is to be the Transport Minister. 
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30 October

This week is bookended by an Official Information request and an affidavit to the High Court. 
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23 October

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16 October

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9 October

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2 October

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25 September

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18 September

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11 September

4 September

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28 August

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21 August

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14 August

7 August

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31 July

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24 July

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17 July

10 July

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3 July

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26 June

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19 June

12 June

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5 June

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29 May

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22 May

15 May

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8 May

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1 May

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24 April

17 April

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9 April

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3 April

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27 March 

20 March 

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13 March 

6 March

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28 February

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21 February 

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14 February 

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7 February

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31 January

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24 January

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20 December

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13 December

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6 December 

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29 November 

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22 November 

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15 November

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