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New Zealand quickly embraced the opportunities presented by the growing aviation industry. Boeing’s first overseas aircraft sale was to a customer in New Zealand. New Zealand companies pioneered the use of aviation in the agricultural, forestry and tourism industries.

Today, New Zealand with one aircraft per 1000 inhabitants, has one of the highest rates of aircraft ownership in the World. More than 500 different models, including a high number of helicopters, fly New Zealand skies.

Internationally capable General Aviation, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul,Aircraft parts, Aviation Interiors, Training, Services, Helicopters, and Airport Infrastructure companies make up the aviation industry in New Zealand. More than 70 percent of these companies have been providing cost effective aircraft products and aviation services for more than a decade.

Very high standards of quality, adherence to international standards, a skilled workforce, good productivity, proven intellectual property development and protection, all at moderate OECD cost levels, make New Zealand industry internationally competitive.

The robust and growing network of skilled New Zealand companies are also increasing their expertise through international relationships.

The New Zealand aviation industry has an excellent record of working and collaborating within the Asia/Pacific region in particular, with long standing relationships in North America and Europe also.

New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority is viewed as outstanding among its international peers and has close relationships with major overseas aviation regulators.


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