Flight Training


The Aviation Training and Development Division comprises: training providers - pilots, engineers, cabin crew, ground crew, aviation (airlines, airports), ATC/ATM, Met Service, Aviation English; aviation tertiary training and research institutions; Service IQ; relevant government agencies (in an honorary capacity) including RNZAF, NZTE, Education NZ and Callaghan Innovation; and other members as may be considered necessary by the executive committee.


Main CAA Rules affecting division Members

  • Pilot licenses and ratings are regulated under CAA Rule Part 61.
  • General operating and flight rules come under CAA Rule Part 91.
  • Aviation training organisations are certificated under CAA Rule part 141. *Operators are certificated under CAA Rules Part 119, 121, 125, and 135. Note: Many members of the Division are certificated as Part 135 operators.

    Work Plan

    Developing a database on the health of the training industry.  Started 2013.  A questionnaire is sent to members around the middle of each year.
  • Risk Profile for the training industry.  Started 2014.  A document has been developed and is updated at each divisional meeting.
    Integrated professional pilot training programme. New programme implemented March 2016
    Future Funded Training Model.  Longer term project underway (with TROT qualification review) in 2016.
    Knowledge sharing between members.  Concepts and processes to be developed in second half of 2015.

    Regulatory contraints. B2B GST issues and visa issues being progressed.

Governance Structure

gordon-269 Chairman:
Gordon Alexander,