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What we do

Our work falls into 5 distinct areas:

·      Telling the story of the New Zealand Aviation industry by developing the New Zealand Aviation brand; strengthening stakeholder relationships; building collaborative partnerships and ensuring a NZ Inc approach is taken; communicating “One Industry”, “One Voice” and a consistent series of messages; and endorsing AIRCARE and promoting it as the SAFETY BRAND.
·      Growing the size of the industry (Making the plane bigger) by targeting opportunities and markets; encouraging the alignment of local, regional and central government policies; ensuring market opportunity informs policy development; and collaborating and networking.

·      Making the industry grow faster (Making the plane fly faster) by understanding the impact of mega trends on aviation, encouraging the development of internationally competitive frameworks in New Zealand (while preserving the safety culture) and ensuring regulation supports and encourages growth.
·      Building the future industry (Building tomorrow’s plane) by aligning rule development with ICAO, EASA, and/or FAA as appropriate, developing the skills
training/ education and workforce development, and aligning innovation/ R&D and commercialisation strategy.
·      Creating wealth  for members by representing them in all fora, working with CAA, developing integrated platforms, providing networking opportunities and expanding member benefits through procurement schemes.
We work closely with our divisions and sector groups and encourage their involvement and participation in everything we do.  We welcome individual company involvement in our workgroups and other activities. This ensures we remain relevant to member needs.
Phone: +64 4 472 2707
Hours: 0830 -1800
Monday to Friday
Level 5 ,
5 Willeston Street,
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand